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Geometry Dash ( Unlocked) - a very popular 2D neon-style platformer. Each level has its own melody and is a strip of obstacles from ski jumps, cliffs and other surprises, while performing intricate tricks and kurbits you will give the gameplay spectacular and dynamic, jump at the right time to get to the finish line. The game has a level editor, you can create your own level and share it with other players, or use the levels of other users.
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Geometry Dash is a 2D platformer where you control a square that needs to get to the end goal of various levels. An exciting game that keeps you engaged for a long time. This game is not specific to any age group; it is a challenging and fun game for players of all ages. On a dangerous and long route, you control a cubic hero and get to the finish line of levels, avoiding obstacles. While playing, its simple interface and qualitative graphics will not trouble you for a second. The current version available is Geometry Dash apk 2.111 for android.

Additionally, each level has a different soundtrack, which makes it more interesting. The most recent version is available for android, IOS and pc as well. Officially, the game launched in 2013, but developers have added some more interesting features in the latest versions of the game because of so much fame and positive response.

The objective of this game is to finish each level without being hit by any obstacles. Your cubic hero has to move forward, jump from obstacles and find the perfect path that can lead him to the end of the level without any damage or failure. Each new level has its own colour, its own interface, its own music, which is very interesting and appealing, keeping your interest in-game for a long time.

Additionally, each new level of the game has its own difficulty level. The difficulty level increases with each new level, for example, speed of game, barriers, etc. A user can only move cubic hero in forwarding direction in geometry dash and can not control gameplay speed. The user can only control the direction of the cubic hero. The user can only have jump control; he can move the cubic hero forward by jumping to avoid obstacles. The interesting feature of geometry dash is its unique barrier; for instance, each barrier in each level has different damage that makes the game more interesting and unique.

However, there are many games on the google play store one can easily download and play, but why prefer geometry dash over other games? The answer to this question is that there are different difficulty modes like easy, normal, hard, harder, insane, and the most difficult one is demon mode in geometry dash. According to your required difficulty level, this feature makes it fun for all age users, select mode according to your preference, and start playing. Start from easy mode and become pro in it, then move to normal mode and so on till demon mode, which is difficult.

Besides, imagine you are creating your own levels in the game and other users are also playing those levels created by you. Isn’t it funny and interesting? Yes, this is funny and interesting. Another interesting and unique feature provided by geometry dash is a custom level, where users can assemble their custom level. The game levels work in custom level mode can be accessible for different players, and you can use levels created by other users, play them, and beat them with points. For each level, a practice mode is available to practice before the actual level.

This free form of Geometry Dash offers a small amount of the levels accessible in the paid variant. Yet, there are all that anyone could need to give you a thought of what anticipates you: a test where your abilities and reflexes will be vital if you need to come out winning.

Download and Install Geometry dash APK 2.111:

After explaining the game features, your excitement level would be high, so now we move towards the next step: download and install Geometry Dash 2.111 APK.

Following are step-by-step instructions.

First, download and install an android emulator tool. This tool helps to run any android apk file on your android.

Second, Open the installed emulator tool, search for the game title in the app player’s search feature.

Direct apk file also downloaded by clicking on the apk file and open it using emulator tool.

So, by following the above steps, you can install geometry dash apk in your window. After the game’s complete installation, you can open it, play it, see why this game is so famous among users and why users are so excited about this game in such a small time span since its release.

Geometry Dash Apk features:

  • Built and shared your own level using the custom level features.
  • Different difficulty modes like easy, normal, hard, harder, insane, and most difficult are demon modes.
  • Provides unlimited stars as a reward.
  • Give Secret coins as a reward.
  • Unlock new icons and colours to customize your character
  • Keys.
  • Different obstacles like Fire Shards, Ice Shards, Poison Shards, Shadow Shards, and Lava Shards.
  • It provides Bonus unlocks.
  • In-app purchases.
  • Fly rocket, flip gravity, and much more.

Pros and Cons :

Meanwhile, let’s discuss the pros and cons of a game. It is extraordinary and odd when we talk about the pros and cons of games. Why? Games do not have such pros and cons because games are such applications that are just for entertainment. Maybe one thing that is advantageous for one type of user is considered a disadvantage for another user type. And most users do not investigate the pros and cons of games.

When we talk about the pros and cons of geometry dash, it does not have such pros and cons. The main advantage and disadvantages of geometry dash are that it is a quite tough game and requires practice. One must spend more time playing each level and becoming a pro player in this game. Because of this practice and toughness some time you become frustrated and irritated. This feature is considered as an advantage and disadvantage at the same time.

A high difficulty level is advantageous for some users because good gamers who have a passion for gaming like tough games with high difficulty levels prefer tough games over easy games. But for some people who are not good gamers and play games just for entertainment and just for time pass, they do not like very tough games, and they move to relatively easy games. Although geometry dash offers different modes with different difficulty levels for different users, a high difficulty level is a disadvantage.

Geometry Dash APK Lite version:

Furthermore, mobile phone applications have transformed our life. For everything, we have mobile applications, whether it is to create word documents, kill time, connect to other people, etc.

However, mobile applications’ astounding accommodation is a disadvantage due to your cellphone’s fast battery depleting. It is anything but a concealed thing that the normal version of mobile applications is high in battery utilization.

And the battery draining speed increases further when we connect with 3G or 4G because now our device must work more to keep it self-connected with a data network.

The solution to this problem is the “lite version” of mobile applications. These lite version apps are easily available at the google play store and can be easily downloaded on all android devices. They do not need high-end devices (like smartphones, tablets), and they do not need high data bandwidth.

Thus, android app development companies are now focusing on lite versions of apps because they do not want to lose business because of poor connectivity or low-end handsets. Geometry dash is also available in the lite version. The lite version has limited features and functionality, but it is perfect for low-capacity handsets.

It is a cadenced activity game. It would help if you got your character to the furthest limit of each level bouncing from all the hindrances. You will have the option to get more fun with the Full form with new energizing levels, accomplishments, and soundtracks.

A few appealing applications and intriguing games are turning out to be well known day by day. Many Android users face the main issue because the applications and games accompany in-app purchases/buys. Geometry dash has no in-app purchases.

Indeed, geometry dash lite is an addictive and spot troublesome game from the normal gamer’s perspective. There are two play modes in-game in the geometry dash lite version, like normal and training mode.

Afterward, let us discuss the training mode first. Training mode provided facility so that users can first get an idea about the game, know about the game environment, know about the cubic hero, and then start playing the game. Before getting into a proper game, first, practice your moves well. At that point, get into the game. You must be patient while playing like it is a dubious game. It would help if you did a ton of attempts to make each level palatable. When you complete one level satisfactorily, you will get such pleasure to love to play further levels.

In normal mode, open your app, select normal mode, and start playing. As you already practice your game and moves in training mode

Geometry Dash Lite version features:

  • Fantastic sound and music track.
  • Action-based game
  • New colour and icon.
  • Training mode
  • You will be able to fly rockets.
  • 2D graphics.

Additional features:

  • App size is 59MB.
  • Geometry dash App rating is 4.3 on google store.
  • 6M reviews are on the google app store.
  • Geometry dash 100M+ downloads from google app store.
  • Listed in Arcade games category in google play store.
  • Geometry dash can be installed and downloaded on android devices having android version 4.0 or above.

What is the difference between lite and the original version:

In the original version, different difficulty levels were provided: easy, normal, medium, hard, harder, insane, and the demon, the most difficult one in lite version 2 modes given normal and training mode.

Next, One of the biggest differences between the original and lite versions is app size. The original app size is bigger than the lite version app size. Lite version of the geometry dash apk is designed for devices with low capacity and poor-quality handsets.

Then, in the original version, a unique feature custom level is given, where users can assemble their custom level. The game levels work in custom level mode can be accessible for different players or uses levels of other users.

Geometry Dash Lite Version Download and install:

Geometry dash lite version is free and available on the google play store.

Following is the step by step procedure to download and install it:

1) First, go to the android app store, click on the search bar, and write geometry dash lite. You will get your results.

2) Second, click on the geometry ash lite icon, click on the install button and install the game on your android device.

Finally, the game installed on your device now opens it, plays it, earns coins and rewards, earns more coins and rewards, beats your friends, and has fun.

For Geometry dash apk, click the download geometry dash page button given below in the end of article and then follow the steps.

What's new

-Bugs are fixed and tweaked



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How to install Geometry Dash Apk 2.111 [ Unlimited money ][Unlocked ] APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Geometry Dash Apk 2.111 [ Unlimited money ][Unlocked ] APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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