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Truecaller Premium APK 11.59.7 (Mod, Gold Member Unlocked) is one of the most essential mobile applications. Download this great app now to keep your phone free of unwanted calls and connect with the people who matter.
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Android 5.1

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Download Truecaller mod APK and enjoy premium features such as unlimited Gold.

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On a hot summer’s day, you are working on a project on your laptop. You are stuck and thinking about how to resolve this issue. Suddenly your phone starts ringing, an unfamiliar number appears on the screen. You take a pause from your work and pick that call. It is a telemarketing call, and a salesperson is marketing his product.

You excused him and cut the call and again start thinking about the solution of your work from level zero. After some time, your phone starts ringing. An unfamiliar number appears. You did not pick thinking it might be again from any salesperson, but this call is from your uncle and he is in emergency and need your help. This is a very common scenario that happens with almost every second person. Sometimes we received spam or telemarketing calls even every day. In America, a person received on average almost 79 calls per month and among these 79 calls, 14 calls are spam calls. This number increases when we talk about telemarketing or spam text messages.

In such an environment, an application that can not only differentiate between genius calls and spam calls and genius messages and spam messages but also block them and provide the identity of the caller on the other end is highly desired. Truecaller app is what we are looking for.

Truecaller Mod APK application specification:

The modern problem required modern solutions and truecaller provides that modern solution. It provides identification of a user on another end, provides details of that user, blocks spam, sales, and telemarketing calls and messages. You can make free calls as many as you want, you can record calls and much more. The publisher of truecaller is True software Scandinavia AB. The category of application is communication. Version 11.57.5. the size of the application is 61MB. And it requires a minimum of 5.1 androids to operate properly.

Version details:

Truecaller has 3 versions one is a free version for everyone and available for free, second is a premium version if you want some advanced features like call recording you can get a premium version by paying some fee amount. After premium the next version is the gold version, it provides even more advanced features the premium version. If you want to get a gold version, you have to pay a fee a little higher than the premium version.

Feature of Truecaller Mod APK:

  • Widely and most famous application for identification of person calling you.
  • With the help of truecaller mod apk we can make as many calls as we want.
  • Truecaller mod apk separates spam messages from original messages and blocks them.
  • It provides a backup feature to all users (free and paid). One can have a backup of contacts, messages so that if you lost them, you have a backup.
  • Truecaller block telemarketers automatically. It blocks calls and messages from telemarketers, scams and so.
  • It provides a community-based spam reporting feature.
  • In addition to any number blocking, you can block any country or any specific digit’s sequence as well.

Installation of Truecaller Mod APK:

You know everything about the turecaller application and now you want to install the app. We will guide you that how can you install truecaller mod APK and save your time from answering spam calls and messages.

For installation, steps are given below.

  • The first step to install it is to download truecaller mod file.
  • After download, now open the setting option of your smartphone further select the security option and check the unknown source.
  • After settings, now install the complete apk file
  • Last but definitely not least is to click on the app icon, get all the required information you want, have fun and share your experience with your friends.


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